Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Association of Bangladeshi Students in Belgium (ABSB) asbl/vzw

Voice of Bangladeshi students in Belgium

About Us | ABSB
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Association of Bangladeshi Students in Belgium (ABSB), a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan, community-based organization, was founded in 2007 and registered by Belgian government in 2009. ABSB works for youths to organize socially and culturally within the local community. We are committed to cultural awareness, educating youths, share the knowledge and community service, the ABSB staff is composed of volunteers including university, college and high school students. Encompassing the finest young leaders in the Bangladeshi and Bangladeshi Belgian community, ABSB strives to accomplish its goals of educational, charitable, and cultural programs.

Servicing the Bangladeshi and Bangladeshi Belgian community of Belgium, ABSB works collaboratively with local Bangladeshi and Bangladeshi Belgian youth organizations in Belgium. To these ends, we organize a wide range of social, cultural, and educational activities to help Bangladeshi and Bangladeshi Belgian youths develop a sense of their heritage and identity.

Our organizational objectives include:

  • Bringing together students from different university, colleges and high schools to build unity and solidarity between Bangladeshi and Bangladeshi Belgian youths in Belgium, and in the international Bangladeshi community.
  • Representing the diverse and dynamic Bangladeshi youth population by encouraging interaction, participation, and activism in the Bangladeshi and Bangladeshi Belgian community.
  • Promoting awareness of the Bangladeshi culture, language, and history.
  • Encouraging a growth of leadership and service amongst Bangladeshi youths.


Account Number : 363-0562582-22


IBAN : BE06 3630 5625 8222

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